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If you're interested in joining my "All In Music Pool" Send me an email @ You have three packages to choose from. The first package consists of all Dance Genres including all the NewGenSalsa Tracks I post here. The second package includes all latin genres and the third package includes all club music. Check us out. My 2 hour live mix show "La Rumba Del Medio Dia" goes on every Thursday from 1pm to 3pm on the Zona Rumbera Radio Station. I will feature new Salsa from the 21st Century which includes music from the international Salsa scene which you find here on my Soundcloud account. Your host is DJ Walter B Nice, a New York City nightclub DJ and prominent voice in the Salsa music scene, With little to no support from major record labels or radio outlets, "La Rumba Del Medio Dia" is the premier forum for new music and emerging Salsa artists from around the globe. You can listen to my radio show on the following links:

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